Year Of Faith Meetings

                   What are going to try to do here at St Alban’s & Good Shepherd ?

                   MONTHLY MEETINGS  (All on Saturday Mornings at 10.00 am)

ST ALBAN’S (Sacristy)                               TOPIC                           GOOD SHEPHERD (Hall)

Sat. 27th October                               WHO IS GOD?                          Sat. 3rd November

Sat. 24th November                            WHO ARE WE?                         Sat. 1st December

Sat. 29th December                            WHO IS JESUS?                        Sat. 5th January

Sat. 26th January                               WHAT IS THE CHURCH?            Sat. 2nd February

Sat. 23rd February                              WHAT IS FAITH?                      Sat 2nd March

Sat. 23rd March                                  GOD’S PLAN OR MINE?        Just one / right on Easter

Sat. 27th April    4 LAST THINGS (Death. Judgement, Heaven & Hell)   Sat 4th May

Sat. 25th May                        OUR VOCATION:  LIFE IN THE SPIRIT      Sat. 1st June

Sat. 29th June                                            PRAYER                           Sat. 6th July

Sat. 27th July                        TRICKY QUESTIONS: TRUSTING GOD      Sat.3rd August       

The Sessions will all begin with prayer.

They will time of INPUT; helping us to think and focus on the Topic for the Session.

There will be an opportunity for questions?  Hopefully some answers!!

We will listen to some Scripture.

Finish with a time for reflection and a prayer.

We have Mass at Good Shepherd Church on a Saturday morning at 9.30am with Rosary starting at ten past nine.

The Sessions at Good Shepherd will be in Parish Hall just below the Church on Earl St opposite St James’s School.

Sessions at St Alban’s will be in the Sacristy  -   with the heater on!!

The sessions are open to everyone RC or any friend who may be has another or no particular religious faith. Hopefully these sessions will encourage people to share our Faith more fully – never be embarrassed to ask other people to come along  - great to make others welcome.

The idea of 2 sessions on each topic gives simply gives more opportunity for people to come along.

Please God the sessions will lead to other things that will make our Parish Faith Community grow in goodness, love and holiness.