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The Catenian Association – Circle 6
The Association's name is derived from the Latin 'Catena' (a chain) with the
Circles being the links. It was founded in Manchester in 1908 and has 11,000 members. There are over 300 Circles throughout Australia, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malta, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

In addition to the Grand President, Mike O’Malley, Grand Council consists of the Grand Vice President , Grand Secretary, Grand Treasurer, three Immediate Past Grand Presidents and 21 Directors representing each of the Provinces. The Provinces contain a varying number of Circles. For more information please contact your local circle or Head Office

Aims of the The Catenian Association

   • To foster brotherly love among the members.

   • To develop social bonds among the members and their families.

   • To advance the interests of members and their dependants individual or                   collective action.


   • To advance the interests of young Catholics and to assist them in the choice            or pursuit of a career

   • To establish, maintain and administer benevolent funds.

    • To promote and support The Catenian Association Benevolent and Children's         Fund("the Benevolent Fund") and the ("the Bursary Fund")


The Catenian Association is an international brotherhood of Catholic business and professional men. They meet socially reflecting the mutual support and sharing of common values that is found within the Association.   Blackburn Circle was formed on 16th November 1910, the 6th Circle in the Association who meet on the first Tuesday day of each month at The Clarion Hotel, Whalley Road at 8.00 pm. To attend a meeting or for more information contact Mr Stan Taylor Membership Officer (acting) 01254 248494 or Mr Mike Snape President 2005-2006 01254 580968.

Many Catenians have a prominent role in their local parishes and dioceses,   as well as major Catholic lay organisations. They are also active in the         service of the Church and the civic community, both locally and nationally.



Future Circle Events:
• Play performance of ‘Slaughter House’ at Gibraltar Street Theatre in November 2006.
• Circle Christmas Dinner & Dance at the Clarion Hotel in December 2006.
• President’s at home in January 2007.
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The Catenian Association Head Office Website